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One of those present began talking vehemently about his fascination feet … female feet mature.

The conversation went from less to more, finally petering out in the dark of night, but there were some things that were turning me. The feet are one of the parts of the body, outside the breasts, genitals and buttocks, which generate more erotic fascination. Interestingly, some research, I came to studies showing that our male brain is wired with a biological predisposition to this phenomenon.

There feet mature of a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and other variations. There are large, small, medium, long fingers, oblate, crooked, etc … also can add the “to pelá leg” with socks, tights, husks, tacos, slippers, boots and together with the object, is all what you can do with it.

It is said that the attraction of the product feet of innate weakness we have for them, which brings us down to take greater care is generated, as well as to stimuli associated with them. Along with this, it is said that the feet are comparable to the genitals, as they are often covered, they are all different and have or not particular odors and the interesting thing is that attraction is particularly small foot mature porn videos. This idea has been present throughout history in different cultures, but never have worshiped big feet in females.

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The latter can be explained as an infinite number of our behavior from an evolutionary point of view: Feet of mature women can actually increase a full size during pregnancy and women, “should” be from the evolutionary perspective, less attractive than they are in their fertile period. On the other hand, estrogen determine the growth of the feet, therefore: small feet porn videos can be an indicator of the health and fertility of a woman.

Searches on erotic internet sites feet, reached 93,885 in contrast to 5,831 by hands.

the relationship between the foot and submission arises: being trampled. Which many of those present at the conversation that night, confessed that fascinated them; but only if they were little feet.