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One mistake we often make many women (and men too), is limit to the genitals (penis or vagina For them to us), without realizing that the body itself is an erogenous zone immense and the skin has endless endings nerve that may be pleasurable. One of them are the feet licking.

Feet Licking and lick her toes videos

Skin exist that provide information related brain pressure and texture of the area sensory receptors. They are small cells called Merkel cells, responsible for taking those feelings to neurons.

Merkel cells arise from the superficial layers of the skin and are, mainly in the fingertips, of all the fingers, which is the famous fingerprints. What does this mean? Eureka! Yes, the fingertips (including hands and feet) are the body parts most sensitive.

Watch Feet Licking and Fingers as erogenous zones

Fingers are sensitive and do not know, since children have found all textures through them, but that you never had happened fingers were erogenous zones. And much less the toes! That’s right, he takes advantage of his toes and then invite them to experience you. Both the pass amazing. How?

Take note!

Wash your feet licking and gives a massage to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation.
Lame foot palm drawing circles with your tongue. Start exploring the spaces between finger. Begin entering each finger in your mouth and practices foot licking, it will send to the brain sex of your partner immediately stimuli. If you like the aromas of oils advantage that there are a variety of these products in sex shops. Kissing, licking, sucking, caressing, give each toe special attention. Orgasmic foot syndrome. And if we do not think the toes are a super efficient erogenous zone.