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The feet girl are fashionable. They are beginning to emerge sites on the Internet where messages from people interested in “meet a girl with beautiful feet (feet girl) and let someone play with them” and requested a photo ankle down read.

In the industry of sex toys, they have taken the Sifeet Pussy Foot, a rather surreal object, consisting of a silicone foot with a vagina in the middle of your plant.

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On the psychological background of this fetishism several theories have been considered. Freud said that, in many cultures, the child’s experience with her mother may involve worship by foot.

If this leaves an imprint on sexual behavior can transform this part of the body in an erotic reference, also because it is the first thing the child sees people, when they start to walk. Jung asserted, however, that the foot was the symbol of the soul because it is what sustains the human being erect.
The Indian neurologist, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, argues that the genitals and foot occupy contiguous areas in the somatosensory cortex, which possibly means there unconscious links between them.

There are those who maintain that the shape of the foot, with its many curves, is similar to that of female hips. Not forgetting that sex and feet occupy the same visual field during sex, when the legs are lifted. And you, do you excite your feet or the feet girl?

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